Know what's in your food!


This blog post is a commentary on the NY Times article published in September of 2015. To read the full NY Times article, please click here.

My thoughts

I came across this article a while back while doing research on labels and labeling. My comments are not necessarily about labels. I had never heard of Ractopamine.

What is Ractopamine? It’s a synthetic chemical feed additive given to animals to promote growth:

The metabolic fate of ractopamine hydrochloride is similar in the target species (pigs and cattle), laboratory animals, and humans. Besides the pharmacology effect, ractopamine may cause intoxication effect; therefore, any consumption by humans of a meat and/or byproducts of animals that consumed ractopamine with feed for growth stimulation, may result in such clinical effects as tachycardia and other heart rate increases, tremor, headache, muscle spasm, or high arterial blood pressure.[23] The effect of ractopamine on humans is not entirely known, but consumption of products that contain ractopamine residues is not advisable for persons with cardiovascular diseases.

Um, no thanks! Can’t we just have meat from animals fed natural diets of what nature intended? There is a solution…shop healthy, shop local. Our meats are non-GMO fed, no hormones, no growth chemicals. Naturally fed, naturally grown. 

- Frank