Half & Whole Pig Buyer's Guide

Buying a half or whole pig 

How much does a half or whole pig cost and how does it break down? This guide should show the numbers and help you understand why the cost is what it is. 

Pig weight

full grown pig

We raise the pigs to market weight, which is approx. 220-280 lbs; this is known as “live weight”. (Sometimes they may weigh more or less) The pigs then go to slaughter. There they are humanely killed and cut into what is called a carcass. The carcass is then reweighed and this is called the “carcass weight” or “hanging weight”. This is the majority of the animal sans the head, organs, feet, blood and skin. The hanging weight is about 70-75% of the “live weight”.

The carcass is then hung for 2-2.5 weeks. Moisture leaves the carcass and thus, the weight is reduced yet again. Then the carcass is cut up into what is known as “cuts”. These are steaks, chops, ribs, etc. During the cutting process weight is lost again, from trimming fat and meat, making the cut presentable. This loss is another 20-25%.


hanging weight of pig

The Numbers

Live weight - 250 lbs (average)
Carcass/Hanging weight - 175 lbs (-30%)
Cutting/Cuts - 131.25 lbs (-25%)

We charge $5.00 per lb. The price is for halves and wholes only and based on hanging weight. This includes the slaughter fee, price of animal, cost of raising it, the non-GMO feed, cutting, packaging, etc. 

Half Pig - 87.5 lbs (Hanging weight cut in half)
Packaged up - 65.63 lbs (50% loss-131.25 divided by two)
Total Cost - $437.50
Average Cost Cut up - $6.67/ lb

Whole Pig - 175 lbs (Hanging weight)
Packaged up - 131.25 lbs
Total Cost - $875
Average Cost Cut Up - $6.64/ lb

There are some things to take into consideration. Smoked meats (hams, bacon, other) costs me $3.00 per lb. The packaging is vacuum-sealed, which allows the meat to last longer than if it were wrapped in butcher paper. The trim becomes sausage or ground pork, your choice. The processor is USDA regulated and the meat inspected. We can also sell the pig live to you and you can choose your processor. This may reduce your price.

Compare to other area farms (same weight)