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Bonnie McCarthy

Calling all new and previous customers…The Bearded Dog Farm is now the Crooked Creek Hollow Farm. It is in the same naturally preserved location and still owned by the same devoted stewards of the land. There is only one big change…no goats; now pigs. Conveniently nestled in a peaceful hollow on Fish Hatchery Road across from Benson Road is the newly-christened Crooked Creek Hollow Farm, still owned and lovingly tended by the Groeber family and two VERY friendly dogs, Lucky and Marley. In 2016, a few years after they relocated to Richmond from the Carolinas, the Groebers expanded their farm by purchasing the 75-acre forest behind their home. Originally, they raised chickens, turkeys and goats under the name Bearded Dog Farm, but replaced the goats with pigs after discovering Cayla was allergic to caprine; all sheep and goats. Therefore, in 2017, they revised their business plan. They continued to raise free-range turkeys and egg hens and pasture-raised nonGMO fed meat chickens.

The pigs are free to roam in the forest during the growing season. During the winter season all animals receive 100% non-GMO feed and the poultry receive a mix of oats, corn, millet, sunflower seeds and layer pellet as a supplement to any foraging available. To recognize the fundamental change from goats to pigs the farm is now named Crooked Creek Hollow Farm, to honor its unique topography. The Groeber family takes pride in their commitment to raising wholesome, nutritious food for themselves, their community, and their neighbors while judiciously protecting and nurturing the land that they call home. The pigs are rotated through moveable paddocks, and the meat birds are moved twice a day in chicken tractors to ensure a clean environment and provide fresh pasture. Because this style of farming is labor intensive, they can observe their animals throughout the day and care for their health and well-being. Well cared for, healthy animals who eat 100% non-GMO food and natural vegetation likewise produce healthier, more nutritious eggs and meat for consumers. This means you will find no unpronounceable artificial flavorings or chemically enhanced additives in anything purchased at Crooked Creek Hollow Farm. The FDA allows 1300 different chemicals in processed meat products that can be labeled with the catchall phrase “artificial flavoring” without specific disclosure. PRETTY SCAREY!

Crooked Creek Hollow Farm is a local, family-owned business enterprise whose success depends on on-farm customers as well as off-farm business customers. Their motto is “Small Scale=Big Difference.” On-farm they sell fresh eggs with bright yellow yolks and thick whites. During the season they sell whole chickens and turkeys, which are processed in Milford. If you are looking for live poultry, they can accommodate you as well as give you tips on raising them humanely. Throughout the year they sell numerous flavors of frozen, uncured bacon and sausage and other cuts of pork processed under strict USDA guidelines in Vermont and Massachusetts. Contacting the Groeber family at Crooked Creek Hollow Farm is easy and the various ways can be found at the end of this article. One of the best ways to keep abreast of the products, prices and specials is to send your email address to Frank, so he can add you to his address list. My husband and I signed up and can personally vouch for the eggs (so much better than even store-bought free range and only $3/dozen), the sausage (we chose hot Italian flavor) and the pork ribs and tenderloin (yum!). We tried the pork products first and are looking forward to cooking the frozen ground beef that Frank is selling. Most people in Richmond are proponents of buying local. Why not go one step further and Buy Hometown?


Be sure to tell Frank that you “Read it in The Rooster.”

323 Fish Hatchery Road, Richmond, NH 03470 Telephone: 603-239-8541 Website: Facebook: www.facebook/cchfarm February Update Representative Jim McConnell

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